Hygiene of the home

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Higiene del hogar

The hygiene is a fundamental habit to reduce the possibilities that our organism go in in contact with dangerous germs for our health.

The personal hygiene is a basic pillar to maintain our health, that sees reinforced if besides we take care adequately the cleansing of the environments in that we move us and, especially the one of our own house. Well it can say that the hygiene begins by house.

Why it is important the hygiene?
The germs can develop in different places and conditions, but there are some situations that do more favourable his location and transmission. They are used to to develop in the environment in conditions of normal temperature, and the water and the air are his preferential fields to grow and propagate. 

Any object can turn an ideal field for the development of dangerous bacteria for our health. The soils, the carpets, the pieces of furniture, the knobs of the doors, the telephone and until the control of the television can be shelter of virus or bacteria. Thus, it is necessary to loan attention to the hygiene of all the home, although there are two zones that demand a main endeavour to the hour of the cleansing: the cookery and the chamber of bath.

Why it is so important the cleansing of the cookery?

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