Precautions with the products of cleansing and his children

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Precauciones con los productos de limpieza y sus hijos

The products of cleansing and other chemicals of domestic use always have to treat with care, following the instructions of use. With small boys home, have to take more precautions. These tips will be you of a lot of utility. 

· You do not save never products of cleansing in containers or bottles of drinks or lunches. The boys do not know to distinguish the content.

· You do not put never insecticide powders anti-cockroaches or poison for rats in soil of his house. The floor is territory of small. Mantenlo Clean, trapeado and move toxic substances.

· The products of cleansing always have to go in cupboards situated in tall places out of the scope of our children.

· It uses brooches or insurances in all the cupboards that contain dangerous substances.

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